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2013-2014 Cultural Facilities, Renovation Application

Performing Arts Center Authority

DBA: Broward Center for the Performing Arts
County: Broward


A. Application Details

Proposal Information

Program Cultural Facilities
Proposal Type Renovation
Project Title Broward Center for the Performing Arts-Amaturo Theater Project
Project Synopsis

Broward Center Amaturo Theater Project will renovate & upgrade facilities & systems as part of a $44M Capital Replacement & Renewal Plan.

Project Location

201 SW Fifth Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, 33312-7112
Broward county

Project Districts

FL House District #: 93
FL Senate District #: 31

Project Phase?

Single Phase

Total Support and Revenue


Status of Project Documents
  • Preliminary design and development documents are Complete
  • Construction documents are Complete
  • Construction permits are Neither in hand nor applied for
Length of Building Lease?


Length of Land Lease?


Land Owner

Performing Arts Center Authority

Building Owner

Performing Arts Center Authority

Building Age

21 years

Proposal Budget & Matching Funds (Up to 25 points)

Proposal Budget Overview

Request Amount


Confirmed Match


Project Cost


REDI match reduction?


Requested or received funding from the Division of Historical Resources?


Other State Dollars

# Source Amount

Proposal Budget Summary

Request Match Total
Proposal Expenses
1. Land Aquisition *
2. Building Acquisition *
3. Architectural Services $0 $150,000 $150,000
4. General Requirements $50,000 $225,000 $275,000
5. Site Construction
6. Concrete
7. Masonry
8. Metals
9. Wood and Plastic
10. Thermal and Moisture Protection
11. Doors and Windows
12. Finishes $65,000 $135,000 $200,000
13. Specialties $0 $10,000 $10,000
14. Equipment $295,000 $605,000 $900,000
15. Furnishings $55,000 $120,000 $175,000
16. Special Construction
17. Conveying Systems
18. Mechanical $10,000 $205,000 $215,000
19. Electrical $25,000 $50,000 $75,000
Total Proposal Expenses 500,000 1,500,000 $2,000,000
Contingency 0 $0
Proposal Income
1. Total Private Support (Cash)
2. Total In-Kind Private Support
3. Corporate Support (Cash)
4. Total In-Kind Corporate Support
5. Total Local Government Support (Cash) $1,500,000
6. Total In-Kind Government Support
7. Total Federal Government Support (Cash)
8. Total In-Kind Federal Government Support
9. Applicant Cash
Total Proposal Income 500,000 1,500,000 $2,000,000

Proposal Budget Detail

Proposal Budget Expense Detail

Request Match Total
1. Land Aquisition *
Land Aquisition * Subtotal
2. Building Acquisition *
Building Acquisition * Subtotal
3. Architectural Services
1. Acoustic/AV consultant 0 35,000 35,000
2. Theatrical consultant 0 30,000 30,000
3. Construction administration 0 28,900 28,900
4. Construction documents 0 26,350 26,350
5. Design development 0 18,700 18,700
6. Schematic design 0 11,050 11,050
Architectural Services Subtotal $0 $150,000 $150,000
4. General Requirements
1. Permits, contingencies 0 125,000 125,000
2. Contractor fees 50,000 100,000 150,000
General Requirements Subtotal $50,000 $225,000 $275,000
5. Site Construction
Site Construction Subtotal
6. Concrete
Concrete Subtotal
7. Masonry
Masonry Subtotal
8. Metals
Metals Subtotal
9. Wood and Plastic
Wood and Plastic Subtotal
10. Thermal and Moisture Protection
Thermal and Moisture Protection Subtotal
11. Doors and Windows
Doors and Windows Subtotal
12. Finishes
1. Ceiling and wall finishes 25,000 50,000 75,000
2. Floor coverings 40,000 85,000 125,000
Finishes Subtotal $65,000 $135,000 $200,000
13. Specialties
1. Restroom partitions 0 10,000 10,000
Specialties Subtotal $0 $10,000 $10,000
14. Equipment
1. Rigging and draperies 40,000 85,000 125,000
2. Theatrical lighting 155,000 320,000 475,000
3. Sound and AV equipment 100,000 200,000 300,000
Equipment Subtotal $295,000 $605,000 $900,000
15. Furnishings
1. Theater seats 55,000 120,000 175,000
Furnishings Subtotal $55,000 $120,000 $175,000
16. Special Construction
Special Construction Subtotal
17. Conveying Systems
Conveying Systems Subtotal
18. Mechanical
1. HVAC replacement 0 175,000 175,000
2. Plumbing 10,000 30,000 40,000
Mechanical Subtotal $10,000 $205,000 $215,000
19. Electrical
1. Electrical service 25,000 50,000 75,000
Electrical Subtotal $25,000 $50,000 $75,000
Total Proposal Expenses 500,000 1,500,000 $2,000,000
Contingency $0

Proposal Budget Income Detail

Request Match Total
1. Total Private Support (Cash)
Total Private Support (Cash) Subtotal
2. Total In-Kind Private Support
Total In-Kind Private Support Subtotal
3. Corporate Support (Cash)
Corporate Support (Cash) Subtotal
4. Total In-Kind Corporate Support
Total In-Kind Corporate Support Subtotal
5. Total Local Government Support (Cash)
1. Broward County 1,500,000 1,500,000
Total Local Government Support (Cash) Subtotal
6. Total In-Kind Government Support
Total In-Kind Government Support Subtotal
7. Total Federal Government Support (Cash)
Total Federal Government Support (Cash) Subtotal
8. Total In-Kind Federal Government Support
Total In-Kind Federal Government Support Subtotal
9. Applicant Cash
Applicant Cash Subtotal
Total Proposal Income 500,000 1,500,000 $2,000,000

Matching Funds Statement

The Broward County Commission has found and determined that the Broward Center for the Performing Arts provides venues for world-class performing arts and cultural activities and serves an important public purpose and benefit to the community.  As such, 100% of the matching funds for this project ($1,500,000) are already contractually committed through a capital grant with Broward County.  The fully executed agreement is included with our application.  The Broward County Capital Grant provides for $12,000,000 in capital improvement funding for PACA%u2019s broader $44 million Broward Center Capital Replacement and Renewal Project.  $1,500,000 of the Broward County Capital Grant has been earmarked for the Florida Cultural Facilities match for the Broward Center Amaturo Theater Project.  The Broward County Capital Grant funding term includes the Cultural Facilities Grant project support period beginning July 1, 2013 and ending on April 1, 2015. (see agreement between Broward County and PACA - Attachment 1)

Match Summary

Match Type Amount % of confirmed match ($1,500,000)
Cash on Hand $1,000,000 66.7%
Expenditures $0 0.0%
Irrevocable Pledges $500,000 33.3%
Documented In-Kind $0 0.0%
Total $1,500,000 100.0%

Donor Profile

The matching funds for the Amaturo Theater Project will come from one source: a grant from Broward County (population: 1,753,172).

Funding to date for the $44 million Capital Replacement and Renewal Project (ENCORE!) has come from the following sources:

Governing Board - $50,000>:  $ 6.125,000 from 6 donors - 14.6%
Governing Board - <$50,000:  $149,000 from 6 donors - 0.4%
Fundraising Board - $50,000>:  $6.700,000 from 12 donors - 15.9%
Fundraising Board - <$50,000:  $146,000 from 9 donors - .3%
Corporations - $25,000>:  $4,075,000 from 4 donors  - 9.7%
Individuals  - $1,000>:  $4,192,437 from 34 donors - 10.0%
Foundations  - $50,000>:  $600,000 from 3 donors - 1.4%
Government  - $1,000,000>:  $17,500,000 from 3 donors - 41.6%
Bequests - $500,000>:  $2,483,382 from 2 donors  - 5.9%
Staff:  $112,935 from 10 donors

As of June 1, 2012, a total of $42,083,754 in primarily lead and major gifts for the ENCORE! campaign was raised from 89 donors. These gifts were solicited and secured from a pool of 200 initial prospects. All but $137,000 was raised or pledged from Broward County residents or businesses.

The public phase of the fundraising campaign to solicit general gifts will begin in the Fall 2012 to reach a list of more than 5,000 subscribers and users of Broward Center facilities.

Scope of Work (up to 15 points)

Single Phase Projects

The Broward Center Amaturo Theater Project is s $2 million single-phase project to renovate and upgrade the 590-seat Amaturo Theater on the campus of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. This will be the first restoration for the 21-year-old, heavily-used theater which welcomes an average of 125,000 visitors annually.

The renovations and upgrades will restore the facility to state-of-the-art with specific enhancements to the performance space, audience chamber and back of house including: updated stage technology with advanced sound and lighting system and upgraded fixtures, furnishings and equipment to meet current standards.

Specifically, the renovations will include:
-replacement of the sound and lighting systems
-repairs to the theatrical rigging system
-replacement of the fixed theater seating
-replacement of carpet in both the theater and its associated lobbies
-renovation of the associated restrooms
-renovation of associated dressing rooms
-enhancement of the loading dock area
-overhaul of HVAC system

The Amaturo Theater Project is part of the Broward Center's $44 million Capital Replacement and Renewal Project, ENCORE! Building Community through the Arts. The entire ENCORE! project will include the following components:
-Core refurbishment of the existing Broward Center major mechanical, theatrical, operational systems as well as cosmetic refurbishments and accessibility upgrades
-Construction/renovation of a 25,000 square foot, three-story Education Center on the west side of the Broward Center to house instructional studios and a performance space, operational support space, and administrative offices
-Construction of a 1,225 square foot Production Wing on the north side of the Broward Center to house enhanced production support areas
-Renovation of approximately 28,000 square feet of selected spaces contained within the existing Broward Center for reuse as performance and event spaces that will offer enhanced guest experiences
- A larger and more expansive steel, glass and wood canopy and a modified entry court which will afford more circulation and protection for vehicles and pedestrians
-Construction of an 11,700 square foot, two-story LEED certified event pavilion and affiliated seating terraces, to be located on the existing hillside east of the Broward Center overlooking the New River

How Grant Funds and Match will be spent: The purpose of this application is to secure funds for the renovations and upgrades to the Amaturo Theater (Amaturo Theater Project).  Grant funds and match will be spent specifically for the theater seating; sound system and AV equipment; theater equipment, stage lighting, draperies and rigging; mechanical, electrical and plumbing; and lobby and restroom renovations.

Timeline for expenditure: The Amaturo Theater Project is being presented as a single phase project which will take place between July 2013 and December 2014. It will be the final phase of the ENCORE! project which will begin with renovations in the summer of 2012 and is anticipated to be completed in 2014. It is anticipated that the Amaturo Theater renovations will take place between July and September 2014.

Multiphase Projects

[No Response]

Current Phases or Activity

[No Response]

Prior Phases or Activity

[No Response]

Need for Project and Operating Forecast (up to 30 points)

Need for Project

Broward Center for the Performing Arts was established in 1984 when the Florida Legislature created the Performing Arts Center Authority (PACA) as part of a plan to build a performing arts center in Fort Lauderdale. Seven years later, the Center opened its doors and for 21 years has served the South Florida community, opening access to the arts for broad segments of local populations. Today, the Broward Center ranks as one of the busiest theater complexes in the US with more than 700 events and 600,000 visitors annually, has one of the largest free arts-in-education programs in the U.S. serving more than 150,000 students every year (2.4 million to date), and generates a $90 million contribution to the local economy annually.

With this success has come increasing demand for services, access, space, and programs. In two decades of growth, the population of Broward County increased 40% from 1.2 million in 1990 to 1.7 million in 2010. Cultural organizations, which numbered 350 in 1990, increased by more than 60% and now number 575. The Broward County school system, the 6th largest in the US, partners with the Broward Center to provide an average of 500 programs every year.

Over the years, the 590-seat Amaturo Theater has reflected the activity at the Broward Center, often servicing three events in a day. Cumulatively, it has presented 5,900 programs, welcomed more than 2.5 million visitors, and served as an incubator for more than 60 emerging artists and organizations under the banner of the Broward Center Arts Access program. It has also been the home of established institutions, diverse multicultural organizations, as well as a stop on the national tours of Off-Broadway shows, music and comedy acts and revues.

In order to remain viable in a competitive market and continue to serve the community, the Broward Center launched the $44 million Capital Replacement and Renewal Campaign to renovate, renew and revitalize the entire campus. The project will restore state-of-the-art facilities to the theaters; integrate technology including web-based distance learning and broadcast capabilities; add a multi-purpose events pavilion to increase access to artists, audiences and other public constituencies; and expand capacity for educational programming with a new Arts Education Center.

The Amaturo Theater Project is the final phase of that campaign.  For all its visible beauty, the Amaturo Theater is in need of repairs. Twenty years of activity have produced wear and tear on the facility. The seats squeak, the plumbing is stressed, the finishes are worn, and the lighting and sound systems are, as measured by 21st century technology, archaic.

The Amaturo Theater Project will return the theater to state-of-the-art, restore amenities to enhance the audience experience, introduce new systems for energy efficiency, maintain the theater as an outside resource classroom for Broward County public schools and provide a refreshed and safe environment for learning and entertainment. These upgrades and renovations are vital if the Amaturo Theater is to continue to provide a professional performance space for artists and a rewarding theater experience for audiences.

Operating Forecast Detail

The renovation of the Amaturo Theater will return the 20-year-old venue to state- of-the-art in technology replacing the existing lighting and sound to ensure that we continue to attract the finest artists, enhance the customer experience by creating a more compelling destination in an increasingly competitive environment, restore the physical plant to improve operating efficiency and extend the life of the asset, and increase capacity for education.

The renovation of the 590-seat Amaturo Theater will ensure that we continue to present popular and community-based programming including the resident performances of Gold Coast Jazz, Symphony of Americas, South Florida Symphony and Arts Ballet Theater, an eclectic mix of comedy, music, dance and film, sold-out sessions of the Broward Center summer theater camp, and the nationally recognized arts-in-education programming presented in partnership with the Broward County Schools serving more than 65,000 students in the Amaturo Theater annually.

Additionally, it is projected that the renovation will be the impetus to grow attendance and revenue by attracting new national, regional and local artists and by enhancing the customer experience to promote return visits. The customer experience will be enhanced through new seating, light and sound, and through new food, beverage, pre- and post-show entertainment options available throughout the Broward Center complex.  As a result of the renovation, it is projected that activity for the Amaturo Theater will begin to reverse the trend of eroding audiences as indicated in the following trend analysis:

Amaturo Theater Trend Analysis

            Performances  Attendance   Avg Attendance/Perf    % Variance
FY2010         236              90180                382                  
FY2011         235              84812                361                 -6.0%
FY2012         234              81563                349                -3.8%            
FY2013*       215              72000                335      -11.7%
FY2014         236              87180                369                 21.1%
FY2015         243              92857                382                 6.5%
FY2016         250              98146                392                 5.7%

* Closed 4 months for renovation.

The Amaturo Theater is operationally self-sustaining through several revenue streams, including ticket sales, rent, food & beverage and parking revenues.  The operating costs of the Amaturo Theater after renovation will actually decrease as a result of energy and technology efficiencies and a reduction in annual repair/maintenance gained from the renovation.  As a smaller theater in the larger Broward Center complex, there will not be any incremental administrative or programming costs as a result of operations post-renovation.  A schedule of changes in operational expenses and revenue follows:

Fiscal Stability

Coordinated efforts and strategic planning between the Performing Arts Center Authority (PACA) and Broward Performing Arts Foundation (BPAF) help to ensure the long-term stability of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. As of the close of the last fiscal year, September 30, 2011, PACA maintains unrestricted net assets of $3.91 million.  BPAF, the independent 501(c)(3) fundraising arm of the Center, has an endowment of $16.7 million; providing total endowment/savings of $20.6 million. The current debt level of the Broward Center is $1,899,426 (to finance HVAC energy upgrades in 2008) which is being reduced on average by $143,000 per year over a 14-year term.

Broward Center operations are based on a successful mix of earned revenues, contributed individual, foundation and corporate support, with local county and municipal funding that has assured the economic stability and growth of the Center. 81% of revenues are generated from ticket sales and other earned income. The primary sources of unearned income (19%) are private donations through BPAF, and corporate support. It is anticipated that this funding will continue at current levels or increase due to ongoing development efforts of the BPAF. The 40-year agreement between the Broward Center and the Broward County School Board ensures the continuation of extensive educational programs.  

With the completion of the ENCORE! capital campaign projected for January 2014, the new spaces and programs are expected to generate expanded revenue streams of $1.9 million annually (a margin contribution of $503,000).

Changes in Operation


Provide a summary of how your operating expenses will change after the project is completed.

# Description FYE 2013 FYE 2014 (Project Completed) FYE 2015 FYE 2016
1 Facilities $147,402 $135,047 $138,417 $141,887
2 Food & Beverage $37,498 $54,662 $58,221 $61,538
3 Theater Operations $37,062 $40,682 $41,902 $43,159
4 Self Presentations $330,000 $390,000 $401,700 $413,751


Provide a summary of how your operating income will change after the project is completed.

# Description FYE 2013 FYE 2014 (Project Completed) FYE 2015 FYE 2016
1 Government, Grants,Other $77,000 $77,000 $77,000 $77,000
2 Food & Beverage $66,960 $95,898 $102,142 $107,961
3 Parking Income $91,440 $110,719 $117,928 $124,645
4 Rent $87,300 $150,000 $167,500 $185,000
5 Ticketing Fees $88,560 $108,975 $116,071 $122,682
6 Ticket Sales $375,000 $432,000 $444,960 $458,309

Project Impact (up to 30 points)

Community Impact of Project

In many ways, the Amaturo Theater represents the heart and soul of the Broward Center, reflecting the diversity of our community both on stage and in the house. It is where the Broward Center mission comes to life. It is a cultural hall for everything from symphony concerts to student recitals, a town hall for civic organizations and community ceremonies, a stage for performances and a platform for discourse. It is also a classroom for the school district, presenting curriculum-related performances for students more than 100 school days a year.

The Amaturo Theater Project will allow Broward Center to maintain the breadth and depth of programming and services that have become its hallmark.  As the core venue for the Arts Access program, which nurtures South Florida talent, there will be more opportunities for the production of new works, as well as the presentation of both traditional and non-traditional programs such as spoken word, hip hop and Latin Gospel. The Amaturo offers a stage for exploration, a place where fusion performances take creative expression to a new level, allowing Broward Center to serve South Florida with a broad range of artistic and cultural genres and programs that are relevant to the entire community.  

Educational opportunities will increase. Upgrades in lighting and sound will allow the Amaturo Theater to become part of a teaching campus for a new vocational program in technical theater production. A Summer Jazz Institute will bring music students together with professional musicians for intensive performance training. For adult audiences, there will be lectures. For young audiences there will be enriched Learning through the Arts. The current Math & Science Day initiative, which turns the stage into a learning lab teaching scientific concepts through stagecraft, will be taken to a new level.

New technology will make the Amaturo Theater an attractive venue for broadcasting. Broward Center currently originates programming for distance learning to Broward County schools; it will now have the potential to stream new works and performances live from the Amaturo stage out to the world.  The upgrades will also make the venue attractive to film and television broadcasts.  An HBO comedy special taped on the stage brought national attention to Broward County.  An international piano festival was featured in a documentary in the United Kingdom. The planned upgrades will make the theater more competitive in this market.

Broward County is one of the most diverse communities in America. The Amaturo Theater will be able to expand its innovative range of programming that reflects this rich mosaic of cultures as local artists and cultural providers find that system upgrades have made presenting at the Broward Center more cost-effective and affordable.

Events like the annual Symphony of Americas Summerfest, Brazilian Press Awards, Latin Gospel Concert, Diwali Festival, and presentations with the Cultural Center of Spain, Indian Chamber of Commerce and others have attracted local, national, and international participation. The stage has become a place for creative collaboration where cultures blend and programming from around the world is showcased to local audiences. With the planned upgrades, its impact will continue to grow far beyond the theater walls.

Financial Impact of Project

As detailed in the Operating Forecast, the Amaturo Theater Project will have the following positive financial impacts:
- Increased ticket sales as a result of new artists expecting state-of-the-art light and sound technologies
- Increased food & beverage revenues as a result of an enhanced customer experience
- Reduced utility costs as a result of energy and technology efficiencies
- Reduced annual repair/maintenance costs as a result of HVAC and other physical plant improvements

As a smaller theater in the larger Broward Center multi-venue complex, there will not be any incremental administrative or programming costs as a result of operations post-renovation.

In the broader scope of the ENCORE! Capital Replacement and Renewal Project, the expansion and improvements introduced by the campaign are expected to provide revenue streams that will continue to support the long-term financial sustainability of the Broward Center. ENCORE! will update the theaters so that current programming standards (and operating capital) can be maintained. New and expanded vignettes (spaces), comprising 36,500 square feet are projected to generate new or expanded revenue streams of $1,900,000 annually (a margin contribution of $503,000). Creating a more compelling destination will secure the Broward Center position as a leading cultural/entertainment venue in an increasingly competitive environment.


Environmental Impact of Project

From the start of the Capital Replacement and Renewal Plan, there has been a clear focus on renewability, reusability and sustainability.  The design team has made environmental concerns a top priority. The project will result in resource efficiencies throughout the theater complex and a respect for the natural environment.

In the Amaturo Theater Project, replacement of the theatrical lighting system will yield energy savings through employment of new, low wattage-high efficiency theatrical lighting instruments from ETC lighting.  A performing arts center in Oregon installed ETC lighting in its theatrical space resulting in energy savings greater than 25%.  With HVAC upgrades, new air handlers will be more energy efficient.  The Center will work with professionals from TRANE following their "EarthWise" design approach to provide ideal HVAC system selection. The new carpet for the space will be provided by Desso, a European manufacturer widely recognized for its commitment to the environment. This company has moved beyond sustainability to eco-effectiveness, reducing energy consumption by more than 20% in the manufacturing process and putting recycled waste back into energy production. Additionally, the Amaturo will undergo upgrades to plumbing to ensure conservation and enhanced filtration of drinking water.

Within the scope of the larger project, we have a goal of achieving LEED Silver status with the new Event Pavilion construction. As a new building on the campus, it will be a model for green standards in the downtown.

Incorporating energy management systems into all aspects of the project, key staff having formed an environmental task force to identify and implement environmentally-friendly practices.  As a founding member of the Broadway League Green Alliance, the Center already focuses on waste management and recycling and disseminates best practices and tools for environmental management to staff, patrons, students and touring artists.

The project was undertaken in the context of the City of Fort Lauderdale New River Master Plan which offers standards for future development and open space improvements within the Riverwalk District.  Collaboration with the Master Plan working group has ensured that the Broward Center project embraces smart growth principles consistent with the downtown revitalization goals. Programming enhancements will activate Esplanade Park and increase activity along the Riverwalk.

The renovations will honor the Spanish Colonial flavor of the original structure. Materials will complement the existing stucco, wood and copper accents and Spanish tile roofs. The Pavilion will use a similar vocabulary of materials and incorporate generous quantities of glass and an operable window wall system to take advantage of natural light and airflow, offering views of the Riverwalk and New River. The Education Center addition will create a welcoming face to the west side of the facility, opening a more inviting streetscape.

From the use of native plants in landscaping to the terraced hillside leading down to the river, the campus opens up to its environment. Walls of glass bring the outdoors inside, and, everywhere, the Broward Center reflects and represents the community and the tropical environment is revered and respected.  

Project Team

Organization Staff

-Kelley Shanley, President & CEO:  Oversight of all project activities and decisions, government relations and community affairs and campaign leadership
-Tim Weeks, CFO, Project Finance:  Oversight project accounting, financial reporting and analysis
-Lisa Kitei, VP of Development, Campaign Management: Fundraising for project
-Doug Tober, VP & General Manager, Project Administration:  Project lead
-Nikki Fiedler, Project Manager:  Project administrative support
-Jennifer Reynolds (contracted), Owners Rep: Coordination with Managing General Contractor, compliance with plans and quality control
-Roman Rustia, Director Facilities: Ongoing review and assessment of HVAC, seating and other facilities-related areas to be impacted by the project
-Timothy Lessig, Director Production: Ongoing review and assessment of lighting, sound and other production-related areas to be impacted by the project
-Darren Schoen, Director Technology: Ongoing review and assessment of all technology enhancements to be impacted by the project

Project Team

Architect:  Wilson Butler Architects; Boston, MA
Code Consultant:  Hughes Associates; Boston, MA
Civil Engineer:  Kimley-Horn & Associates; Miami, FL
Landscape Architect: Dale Design Landscape Architecture: Boston, MA
Structural Engineer:  TLC Engineering; Miami, FL
MEP & FP Engineering:  Stephen Feller P.E., Inc.; Fort Lauderdale, FL
Architectural Lighting: Light This!; Boston, MA
LEED Consulting:  TLC Engineering; Miami, FL
Acoustics and AV:  Talaske: Sound Thinking; Chicago, IL
Theater Consulting:  Fisher Dachs Associates; New York, NY
Signage and Graphics:  Cajolet Design; Boston, MA
Managing General Contractor:  Stiles-Miller, LLC; Fort Lauderdale, FL
Owner Representative:  Jacobs Project Management; Fort Laud., FL

Project Architect/Engineer

Mr. Tom Haines
Wilson Butler Architects
195 State Street
Boston, MA 02109

Project Contractor

Mr. Whitt Markum
Stiles-Miller, LLC
301 East Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Property Owner Authorized Official

Mr. Kelley Shanley

Applicant Authorized Official

Mr. Kelley Shanley

Applicant Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tim Weeks
Chief Financial Officer

Grant Contact

Lisa Kitei
Vice President, Development

Support Materials

1. Matching funds documentation
2. Proof of ownership
3. Audit including budget  FY2011
4. 8.5 x 11 Reduction of current architectural plans
  a. Architectural plans
  b .CD copy
5. Local support for project
  a. Broward County
  b. City of Fort Lauderdale
  c. School Board of Broward County
  d. Downtown Development Authority of Fort Lauderdale
  e. Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
  f. Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale Trust
  g. Broward Performing Arts Foundation
6. Optional support materials
  a. Organizational structure
      i. Statement
      ii. House Bill No. 1361 – Chapter 2005-335
  b. Media articles about project
  c. 2010-2011 Education Programs Report
  d. Amaturo Theater programs brochures
      i. Arts Access
      ii. Family Fun
      iii. Symphony of the Americas

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